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Exercise With Alice

Exercising four times a week helps stave off dementia and increases brain power by a third

Regular exercise has a protecting effect on the brain, studies find that even exercising once a week (At my class of course :-) saw mental decline lessened by 10 per cent.

More than 9,000 individuals took part in a 40-year study from age of 11. Researchers quizzed them on levels of exercise at regular age intervals, and participants also undertook tests of memory, attention and learning.

The study found participants who exercised weekly throughout their life performed better on tests of memory, learning, attention and reasoning at the age of 50, compared to those who exercised two to three times per month or less.


Recommended exercise for ‘Falls Prevention’ (if you are American this is nothing to do with preventing Autumn ha ha)

In a study of women from 70-80 years, it was found that lower limb strength exercise and balance training is important for reducing falls. Tailored exercises are recommended three times per week, each session lasting more than 30 minutes, and trying to walk whenever possible.

In my classes we do a lot of ‘Wrist and Ankle’ work to strengthen the wrists, ankles and surrounding areas. The most recent routine for this is using Japanese Fans to some Flamenco music a bit of an oxymoron but a lot of FUN !


Exercise plays an important role in building and maintaining of bone strength. Just like muscles, bones respond when they are stressed, in other words, when they are forced to bear more weight than they are used to. This can be achieved by weight bearing or impact exercises.

Weight-bearing exercise and resistance exercise are particularly important in improving bone density and helping prevent osteoporosis.

Weight-bearing exercises are exercises where your feet and legs support your weight, or you are using something eg a small water bottle or tennis ball to add a little weight while exercising.

People over the age of 60 benefit from regular weight-bearing exercise. This can include brisk walking, keep-fit classes or a game of tennis. Swimming and cycling are not weight-bearing exercises, but are still good exercise nevertheless.


The UK's first clinical guideline on the identification and treatment of vitamin D deficiency has been published by a group of clinicians and scientists at the National Osteoporosis Society. Arthritis Research UK, the biggest funder of research into osteoporosis in the UK, has officially endorsed the new guidelines.



Alice's 101 Lengths Swim 4 Charity

Well, the plan was to train and be sponsored to do 100 Lengths on December 1!

However this was completed Saturday 19 Oct 2013 instead! Wooohooo !

Alice’s fundraising 5k
Race 4 Life for

Hi all ! In 2013 I swam 101 lengths and raised £334.40 for this great charity... In 2014 I ran 5k in Hillingdon on Sunday 8th of June in a pink neon wig, in memory of 2 people very special to me. And also my friend Martin who passed away recently.

All of us have known people who have suffered from cancer, some who are sadly no longer with us, and many who have beaten it or are beating it now thanks to the great research advances supported by this charity. So this is a great cause guys! Thanks all

Alice xxx

Exercise is good for your Brain, as well as your Body !